Spam bots-do not reply to them

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Spam bots-do not reply to them


Post by Captain Hammer » Saturday August 02, 2014, 09:14 EDT

I'm making this an announcement so hopefully enough people will notice this.

Spam bots seem to keep popping up here, if you've not noticed. They're annoying little things, but they're ultimately very poorly constructed things that are easy to deal with.
Thankfully, as I don't always notice them, people are smart enough to flag them so me or one of the other mods or admins can deal with them. Unfortunately, not everyone does so, and instead responds to their post thinking they're a person they can toss insults and threats at. Honestly, that's just as annoying as the actual spam bots, so please, don't do this.

I'm making this post asking for everyone to keep in mind that these things are programs, not an actual person. They can't read your comebacks or even acknowledge what you say since they're basically just a program designed to repost a copy and pasted message. I'm not going to name any names but a small number of users haven't realized this, but if you see a spam bot, don't make a witty comment or any chain of insults, especially as the posts are often deleted once I've deleted the bot, so it ends up looking like you're making a pointless response to nothing. And if you decided to be clever and include a lot of colourful words, especially if those words are homophobic slurs, you end up looking like a bit of a dick once you do.

If you don't realize its a spam bot, don't worry, they're very easy to spot. Spam bot posts will be long copy and pasted messages advertising a website, service, or product that has nothing to do with the site, the title of the post will be really long, and if its posted as a reply rather than a new topic the title of the post will often be nothing related to the original title. The bot's account will have a nonsensical username, and they will have filled one of the account bits (usually the underwear choice) with random letters rather than any actual underwear.

So, if you see anything like that, don't respond to it. Don't make a comment, don't reply like its a person, don't call it a homophobic slur, just don't acknowledge it. Just flag it and move on, and it'll be gone as soon as one of the mods or admins notice.
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