Before Posting About Wedgie Buddies (SERIOULY READ THIS)

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Before Posting About Wedgie Buddies (SERIOULY READ THIS)


Post by Captain Hammer » Thursday October 29, 2015, 00:37 EDT

I'm going to be reposting this post into every section, stickied and locked, to try and make sure people see this before posting. If you continue to post about them after this, I will no longer accept ignorance as an excuse, so please, seriously, READ THIS.

As you may have noticed, we no longer have a dedicated area for wedgie buddies. This is in large part because me, Trek, Subtle, and the rest of the staff decided that, due to some issues I'm going to explain in a moment, it brought more trouble than its worth, and so it had to go. With that, you're also no longer allowed to post ads for wedgie buddies in the main forum, and doing so in the future will result in disciplinary action.

But why? What's wrong with Wedgie Buddies?

For starters, its largely not been a very fruitful or useful thing in our community. The Buddy section was full of posts by the same users asking for the same thing, but were basically not getting what they were looking for. For a good number of reasons, it just wasn't proving useful to most of those who used it, and the chances of finding a buddy you could actually have a fruitful relationship with were slim.
Secondly, you were more likely to find yourself victim to harassment and predatory behaviour. We've had a number of complaints and reports in the past of people who'd initially met someone through advertising for buddies, but then found themselves being harassed and blackmailed by this person because they managed to acquire too much personal information. Unfortunately, its hard for us to stop this kind of thing happening so long as we allowed people to advertise themselves in this manner.
Thirdly, it essentially turns the site into a fetish dating site, which isn't what we're meant to be. We've tried to balance the fetishy nature of the site with the welcoming community for people to find emotional support and understanding of their interest in wedgies, which means we can't completely eliminate the presence of our under-18 membership. And, as much as we'd like to try, we just can't completely ensure that over-18s and under-18s don't end up 'hooking up' through this aspect, which would put us in legal hot water if we allowed it (there's a reason fetish dating sites, and dating sites in general, don't allow under-18s). We'd rather not end up getting harassed by law enforcement agencies because we ran a site that allowed 30 year olds to start a fetish-focused relationship with a minor.
As such, allowing wedgie buddy ads to be on the site just brought more trouble than it was actually worth, and actually ran the risk of getting the admins into legal trouble. Assuming you're not a selfish asshole, you should be able to understand and sympathise with the fact we don't want to get in trouble over this.

So, we can't look for wedgie buddies at all?

Not exactly. You can't post in the discussion threads, and doing so will be considered spam and thus a disciplinary-deserving action, but that doesn't mean you can't become wedgie buddies with people. If you meet someone on the site you hit it off with and you both decide you'd like to trade dares or share photos or what-not, or even meet up if you live close enough to each other, then by all means, do so-so long as you're safe and don't take any unneeded risks; the last thing we want is for any one of our users to end up being harmed in any way.
If you remember, I added a tab on your profiles to allow you to state if you'd like people messaging you about wedgie buddies, dares, RPs, etc. This tab is staying. If you feel OK with being 'asked out' by others, you can still have that ticked, and we're not going to stop people meeting this way.

And, if you'll notice, we do have a chat box at the bottom of the site, where you can talk to people who are currently on the site in a instant messaging manner. Though I imagine most people prefer to use it to talk and snark to one-another, you can still use this to ask people currently online if any want to chat privately and similar such. However, don't be surprised if you get made fun of or ignored for your request; if you're just coming in randomly asking for a hookup without any build up or other posts, you're going to look ridiculous and you can't blame the other users for laughing. Essentially, you CAN use this section, but I don't really recommend it.

This is unfair, we should be able to do what we want

Yeah, well, unfortunately this isn't a democracy, its a benevolent dictatorship that has to follow the rules set by the US government for how online websites should behave. We don't want to piss off the coppers, and if you had any respect for the site, its mods, or its members, then you should be able to respect this wish of ours.

But its not like the police are going to do anything

But they can if they want to. Its better to follow the law and not worry, then break the law and hope no one notices.

Well, what happens if I ignore you and post it anyway?

Then I'll delete your ad, link you to this page, and slap you with a warning. If you do it again, I'll start doing more creative stuff.

To repeat, this post is now your only warning about this. Do not push it, because we just don't have the patience for ignorance any more. Its status as a defence is no longer accepted.