Allowing members to search up members by country

Post any suggestions you might have about features for the site here, as well as any technical difficulties you are having with the site (accessing certain boards, etc.)
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Allowing members to search up members by country


Post by michaeltan08 » Friday August 18, 2017, 14:41 EDT

I know many people have trouble finding wedgie peeps in the same country as you. This often leads to many people posting their countries on so many different sites and it has became really confusing. If u type in the country in the search bar, u only get the results of the country mentioned but not actually the people who lives in that specific country. Yes i know theres a wedgiemap on the site but firstly not everyone used it. Secondly, the map cam be really messy especially in continents like north America where there are a lot of people and its hard to see all their particulars. Thirdly for people in rarer countries, they can easily search up the people they want to find.

Im hoping the admins could do sth such that we can search the country and the members who live in that country will appear as a list so the members could easily locate who the other people are. Thank you!
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Re: Allowing members to search up members by country


Post by WalkingWholockian » Tuesday August 22, 2017, 08:21 EDT

You can zoom in on the map...even down to streets and small towns, it's how I found my town

Personally I don't support this because not everyone would be comfortable sharing their location, that's why the map is an optional thing (and why not everyone uses it...)
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